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4 Ways to Start the Dance Party with Louis van Amstel


4 Fun Dance Moves from Louis van Amstel

[caption id="attachment_61873" align="alignnone" width="620"]4 Fun Dance Moves from Louis van Amstel Photo: Ryan Kelly / LaBlast[/caption]

When your typical cardio workout starts to get stale, we have the perfect antidote: dance! Fancy footwork and rhythmic moves mean you almost forget you’re blasting calories and breaking a sweat. That’s why we’re sharing four, fun dance moves from the energetic and always entertaining Louis van Amstel.

Borrowed from his Daily Burn LaBlast program — now available on all streaming devices — these steps highlight four signature dance styles, including disco, samba, paso doble and jive. Just by getting up and busting out these moves, you’ll work your entire body from head to toe. (There’s even some hip action to add a little flare to your routine!) So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend or get grooving solo. It’s time to start the dance party — right at home.

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4 Dance Moves to Start the Party with Louis van Amstel

1. Dance Style: Disco

The Move: Robot

Make like a machine and hit each step with precision — but, as always, don’t be afraid to put your own calculated spin on it.

How to: Start standing and turn your body to angle diagonally to the right. Pull your left knee up toward your chest, as you bend your arms 90 degrees and move your right arm forward and left arm backward. Step your foot back down and then pivot to the left, bringing your right knee up toward your chest. Your left arm should come forward this time, and your right arm backward — both still bent 90 degrees. Try to stick each movement and get your head (and hair!) into it, just like Louis.

2. Dance Style: Samba

The Move: Traveling Volta

Pair your big arm movements with a fun, fresh attitude in this dance step, which has you floating across the floor. Don’t forget to smile — and maybe throw in a shimmy.

How to: Facing forward, turn your left toe out to the side, as you bring your left hand to your right rib (elbow bent). Shoot your right arm straight up to a diagonal by your head. Quickly switch your arms, so your right hand goes to your left rib and left arm swings straight up and out to a diagonal. Simultaneously switch to point your right toe. Repeat the arm swing and toe tap. Then, step your left foot in front of your right and, similar to the grapevine but with most of your weight in your front foot, continue to step to the right. Your back right foot should lightly tap the ground as you go. Repeat the four arm swings, then step back to the left.

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3. Dance Style: Paso Doble

The Move: Sur Place Armswing

Intense and purposeful, this Spanish-style dance move means you can put on your best serious face, and show the world what you’re made of.

How to: Start facing forward, hands in fists down in front of you, wrists crossed. As you march your feet, bring your arms up and out to the sides to create a big circle (fingers straighten as you go). Do that twice through. At the top of the second arm circle, bring your arms back down in front of you as you make a fist again. Strike your foot to the floor at the bottom.

4. Dance Style: Jive

The Move: Pony & Hips

This is where the real heart-pumping and hip-shaking movements come into play! Swing your pony, roll your body and use those abs to really get your midsection involved.

How to: Staying on your toes, shift your weight from your left foot to your right foot, tapping your toe down twice on each side. Move to that side as you do go. While your left toe taps, place your arms straight out to your sides, in line with your shoulders. And as your right foot taps, stack your forearms in front of your chest, elbows bent 90 degrees. Repeat at least twice. Then, bring your arms down to your sides. Shift your weight onto your left foot, body angled to the left and right toe pointing outward. Use your abs to push your hips forward and back. Get your shoulders involved in pulsing, too. Then switch to the other side. Repeat from the top

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