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LaBlast: The Most Fun Dance Workout You’ll Ever Do


LaBlast: The Most Fun Dance Workout You’ll Ever Do

Not every workout has to be grueling. When it comes to dance, there’s only smiling ‘til the end. Just ask Louis van Amstel, Dancing with the Stars top choreographer and LaBlast Fitness founder. “Dance is more intimate and explosive than just pure fitness. It’s a workout in disguise,” van Amstel says.

That’s why we’re bottling up all the heart-pumping excitement left on the dance floor and bringing it right to your home with Daily Burn’s new dance fitness program, LaBlast — available to premium users today.

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LaBlast: The Dance Workout from Louis van Amstel

From the jazzy movements of the Lindy Hop to the rhythmic footwork of the rumba, you’ll train just like the celebs on DWTS during the four-week LaBlast dance workout program. But unlike DWTS, the LaBlast workouts are partner-free so the spotlight’s on you. “You’ll learn the true skill of ballroom dancing and its many influences. Salsa, rumba, Lindy Hop, jive, the list goes on,” van Amstel says.

Under the guidance of van Amstel, you’ll kick, twist and boogie your way to a more confident and stronger you. Plus, you don’t need to follow every step perfectly to reap the health-boosting benefits. Just swaying your hips and staying on your toes is enough to get your heart rate up.

LaBlast is easier on the wallet, too. “Ballroom dancing can be a very expensive sport,” van Amstel adds. The average dance class can cost up to $30, and if you want private instruction, it quickly adds up. But now all you need is your phone, laptop or TV to stream LaBlast’s ballroom-inspired workouts until you’re boogying like a pro.

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[caption id="attachment_61345" align="alignnone" width="620"]LaBlast: The Most Fun Dance Workout You’ll Ever Do Photo: Ryan Kelly / LaBlast[/caption]

What to Expect from LaBlast

Perfect for all levels, LaBlast combines different moves from a variety of ballroom dances into a 30-minute workout. “The eight workouts are divided into intervals that include fast- and slower-paced forms of dance,” the Emmy-nominated choreographer says. Expect the quickstep to get your heart pounding with fast-paced footwork, quarter turns, spins and chassés. Meanwhile, “Pasodoble and rumba will help you tone and sculpt your muscles through the lengthening and extending movements,” says van Amstel.

Cardio and strength aside, the LaBlast dance workouts will also fine-tune your balance, posture and coordination (read: brain power). “The dances are progressive,” the three-time world dance champion explains. “We work through one move before adding the next one, and then we combine them into one song. You’ll do four rounds of the same routine,” van Amstel says.

This dance party doesn’t miss a beat on your core either. You’ll do twists that tone your obliques and jive kicks that target your lower abs. If you want a greater challenge, add a pair of light weights (five pounds, or whatever you’re comfortable with) to level up the exercises.

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When Life Gets Tough, Dance It Out

What sets LaBlast apart from other dance workout programs is how carefree, fun and approachable it is. Whether you’re a CrossFitter or runner, you can pick up any LaBlast workout and start dancing. If you’re worried about keeping up with the beat, van Amstel assures you not to overthink things — just jump in. “Dance is much like a mirror of life. It’s physical, emotional and mental. But it gives you strength and builds confidence so you can deal with life,” he says.

And with moves like “The Shampoo,” and “Disco Arms,” could you really take it too seriously? “All you need to do is just watch, listen and give up control,” van Amstel says. “You can do it!”

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